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February, 2024 -- Two papers published this month!  in Transplantation and Nature Communications

July, 2023 -- Dr. Anat Tambur awarded an R01 NIH grant!  The grant proposal, "The immunogenicity and pathogenicity of HLA-DQ in solid organ transplantation", is based on work supported by a previous grant from the Paul I Terasaki Research Fund. 

June 3, 2023 -- The first paper from the Terasaki Innovation Center is accepted!  It will be published in the journal Transplantation.
Stable Expression of novel DQβ:DRα Heterodimers on the surface of lymphoblastoid and transfected cell lines.  Thoa Nong, Remi Shih, Robert A. Bray, Mayra Lopez-Cepero, Cathi Murphey, Peter W. Nickerson and Jar-How Lee. 

March, 2023 -- One Lambda will renew 3 year support of the Terasaki Innovation Center, beginning January 1, 2024.

January, 2023  -- The passing of Dr. Soldano Ferrone from Covid in January.  He had a major role in starting this fund.